How to handle returns

Immediately after receiving the product, please check the condition of the product and whether there is any difference with the order details. We do not accept order cancellation due to customer's convenience (size does not fit, order is wrong, image is different, etc.) after ordering.

* Depending on the product (knit material, stretchable material, etc.), a slight error (about 1 to 2 cm) may occur from the measured value in the size table, and damage to the shoe box is not a reason for return, so please be in advance. Please note.

We will accept returns and exchanges only if there is damage, defects, or misdelivery when the product arrives.

In that case, we will notify you in advance by e-mail of 082 + ONLINE STORE ( and return it, and we will exchange and refund the item only if the item arrives within 7 days. increase.

Please note that we will not be able to accept returns or exchanges under any circumstances if it is more than 7 days after the item arrives, even if it is unopened.

All of the following conditions are required for the above returns or exchanges

  • The item you wish to return or exchange is unused. (If the product tag is not attached, it will not be recognized as unused.)
  • Please return the accessories, accessories, invoices, etc. of the product as they were delivered.
  • Others Must be specified separately by us.

We cannot accept returns (refunds) or exchanges of products that fall under the following items even within 7 days.

  • Products that have been used even once
  • Products that have been soiled or damaged due to customer's negligence
  • Products that have been processed by the customer, or products that have been repaired or cleaned
  • When the product package etc. is soiled, damaged, lost or destroyed

    Due to the characteristics of browsing on a computer or mobile terminal, the image of the product may differ slightly from the actual color depending on the browsing environment of the user.

    Please note that the color of the image is not treated as a defect of our company.

    Shipping fee for returns and exchanges

    • When a product different from the ordered product statement arrives
    • When a product with initial defects (damage, scratches, dirt) arrives

      We will bear all shipping charges for returns / exchanges.

      * If we cannot prepare a replacement stock for the product, we will accept returns.

      Distributor contact information

      TEL: 050-3557-0882


Thank you!