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<082+ Official Online Shop Terms of Service>

1. What is "082+ Official Online Shop"?

Co., Ltd. Empi International Co., Ltd. and SWIPE Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "our company") operate this website.

2. BEAMS Co., Ltd. defines the terms of service (hereinafter referred to as "Terms") in "082+ Official Online Shop" (hereinafter referred to as "Service") as follows. ..

Chapter 1 General Rules

Article 1 Scope and changes of this agreement

1. This agreement stipulates the agreement regarding the use of this service operated by our company.

2. This agreement shall be applied to all users (defined in Article 3) regarding the use of this service.

3. The Company will notify or notify the user as appropriate by posting on the site or by e-mail or other method that the Company deems appropriate, without obtaining the prior consent of the user. It is possible to change all or part of.

4. If all or part of this agreement is changed, the changed agreement shall be applied to the use of this service, and the user shall comply only with the changed agreement.

Article 2 Use of this service

The user shall use this service in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, this agreement, and the personal information protection policy, help, etc. separately established by the Company.

Chapter 2 Users

Article 3 Users

In this agreement, "user" means images, texts, designs, logos, videos, programs, ideas, information, etc. provided by the Company in this service after understanding and approving all the contents of this agreement. Hereinafter referred to collectively as "content"), it is a general term for those who search, browse, or use.
In addition, it shall include customers who have completed the registration of her 082+ as defined in Article 4 below (hereinafter collectively referred to as "members").

Chapter 3 Members

Article 4 Members

Members are after approving the "082+ Terms".

Those who have applied for membership in " 082 + " to our company, and after our company has accepted the membership, have completed the registration of necessary information on the dedicated page as a prescribed registration procedure. Collectively.

Article 5 Membership registration

1. If you wish to register as a member, set and enter your name, gender, date of birth, zip code, address, phone number, email address, and password from the dedicated page of this service, and then apply for membership registration. Shall do.

2. Those who are elementary school students or younger cannot apply for membership registration.

3. The Company shall send a registration confirmation e-mail to the application based on Paragraph 1 if approving it, and register the person who made the application when the e-mail is received. increase.

4. Limited to those who have an address and live in Japan.

5. The Company shall not approve the registration application if any of the following items apply.

(1) Those who wish to register as a member have terms regarding some services provided by the Company in the past (including, but not limited to, these terms).), Etc., and it is found that the registration has been deleted.

(2) When it is found that the application contents of the applicant for membership registration contain false matters

(3) For any service provided by the Company in the past, a person who wishes to register as a member may be delayed in fulfilling payment obligations such as fees, cannot receive products for a long period of time, or request unreasonable returns or exchanges. If it turns out that there was another default

(4) When it is found that the act of Article 18 (prohibited matter) of this agreement has been performed in the past

(5) In addition, when we reasonably judge that approving registration is inappropriate for the operation and management of this service

Article 6 Change of registration details

1. If all or part of the items registered with the Company are changed, the member shall promptly change the registered contents by the method specified separately by the Company. >

2. The Company shall not be liable for any damage caused by the member not performing the change registration as appropriate.

Article 7 Suspension of use of this service and cancellation of membership registration

If a member falls under any of the following items, we will take measures such as suspension of use of this service, cancellation of membership registration, etc. to the member without prior notice. Suppose you can.

(1) When it is found that the member registration has been deleted due to a violation of the terms of service provided by the Company in the past

(2) When it is found that the registered contents contain false information

(3) In the past, regarding some services provided by the Company, there were delays in fulfilling payment obligations such as fees, long-term inability to receive products, unreasonable returns / exchange requests, or other defaults. If it turns out

(4) When it is found that the act of Article 18 (prohibited matter) of this agreement has been performed in the past

(5) If you violate the provisions of any agreement (including, but not limited to, this agreement) established by our company

(6) In addition, when the Company reasonably determines that it is inappropriate as a member in terms of the operation and management of this service

Article 8 Withdrawal procedure

Members may withdraw from membership at any time in accordance with Article 11 of the "082+ Terms".

Article 9

082 + ID, email address and password management

1. Members are

082 + You are responsible for strictly managing and storing your ID, email address, password set by yourself when registering, etc.

2. Members are except with the prior consent of the Company.

082 + The ID, email address or password must not be transferred, sold, succeeded, lent, disclosed or leaked to a third party.

3. Members are

082 + If it is found that your ID, email address or password has been used illegally by a third party, we will immediately contact you.

4. Members are

082 + We shall be liable for any damages caused by insufficient management of ID, email address or password, mistakes / mistakes in use, unauthorized use by a third party, etc. We do not take any responsibility.

Article 10 Use of personal information

In accordance with Article 2 of the "Privacy Policy" separately established by the Company, the purpose of use of the member's personal information that the Company has learned in connection with the use of this service is defined as follows.

(1) To send information about our products, catalogs, DMs, related after-sales services, and new products / services

(2) For information on our business activities and events related to mail-order sales

(3) To create statistical data for marketing, sales promotion, and product planning (however, individuals cannot be identified)

Chapter 4 Purchasing Products

Article 11 Purchase of goods

1. Members can purchase products from our company using this service.

2. If a member wishes to purchase a product, etc., he / she shall apply for the purchase or use of the product, etc. according to the method specified separately by the Company.

3. With the application in the preceding paragraph, after confirming the delivery address, order details, etc. entered and registered by the member, click the button to order, and then we will send an email to confirm the order details. Upon reaching the member, a sales contract regarding the product, etc. shall be concluded between the member and the Company.

4. Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding paragraph, if there is any fraudulent or inappropriate act regarding the use of this service, the Company shall be able to cancel, cancel or take other appropriate measures regarding the sales contract.

5. Delivery of products, etc. by this service is limited to Japan.

Article 12 Payment method

1. The payment amount of the product etc. is the total of the purchase price of the product etc. including the consumption tax and the handling fee related to this.

2. Payment for products purchased through this service shall be limited to payment by credit card in the name of the member or payment method separately approved by the Company.

3. When paying by credit card, the member shall be subject to the terms and conditions separately contracted with the credit card company. If any dispute arises between the member and the credit card company in connection with the use of the credit card, the member and the credit card company shall be responsible for resolving the dispute.

Article 13 Returns and exchanges of products, etc.

Returns or exchanges of products shall be accepted only if the conditions specified separately are met after making a request by the method specified by the Company within 7 days of receiving the products. In addition, product exchange is limited to color and size exchange of the same product. The member shall bear all shipping charges for the products, etc. related to the return or exchange. However, if there is damage during delivery, defects in the product, misdelivery, imitation, pirated edition, or any other reason attributable to us, we will bear all shipping charges for the product related to the return or exchange. Even if you wish to exchange for a substitute product, you may not be able to exchange it due to a shortage of the product. In such a case, the Company shall refund the payment price for the product, etc.

Article 14 Disclaimer regarding products, etc.

1. Regarding this service and the products sold through this service, the quality, material, function, performance, compatibility with other products and other defects, and damages caused by these, No guarantee or burden shall be borne for loss, disadvantage, etc., except as provided in the preceding article.

2. For troubles caused by unknown delivery address, etc., we will contact the contact information registered by the member and deliver the product etc. to the delivery address specified at the time of product purchase. We will fulfill the delivery obligations of goods, etc. and will be exempted from the obligations.

Chapter 5 Use of services

Article 15 Services provided

We provide the following services as part of this service.

(1) Members use My Page (defined in Article 16)

(2) Browse the link from this service

Article 16 Use of My Page

Members can use the My Page designated by the Company. Members can browse each function on My Page after logging in, and enter / change / update / delete information for each function.

Article 17 Disclaimer

1. If you provide a link from this service to another website or resource, or a link from a third party's website or resource to this service, we will use the content and use of that link. And we do not take any responsibility for the result. (Including, but not limited to, legality, effectiveness, accuracy, certainty, safety, up-to-dateness and completeness.) In addition, the content of the linked website or resource is illegal. Or, if it is reasonably determined that it is inappropriate for the management and operation of this service, the link destination can be deleted without requiring any notification to the member.

2. In the following cases, even if this service is temporarily suspended, canceled or changed, the Company will not be responsible for any damages, losses, disadvantages, etc. directly or indirectly incurred by the member. We do not take any responsibility.

(1) When a natural disaster such as a fire, earthquake, flood, lightning strike, or heavy snow occurs

(2) When social unrest such as war, civil war, terrorism, riots, and mayhem occurs

(3) If you do not receive appropriate service from the telephone company, shipping company or provider with which we have a contract

(4) In the event of a technically unresponsive event

3. The Company shall fulfill its obligations and be exempted from liability by processing the business in accordance with the registered contents of the member.

4. If a member causes any damage to another user or a third party by using this service, the registrant will resolve it at his / her responsibility and expense. , We shall not cause any damage, loss, disadvantage, etc. to our company.

Article 18 Prohibitions

The user shall not perform any of the following acts. In the unlikely event that damage occurs to the Company or a third party in violation of this, the user shall be liable for all damages.

(1) Actions that cause inconvenience, disadvantage or damage to the Company, or actions that may cause them

(2) Acts of using this service for commercial purposes (however, those approved by the Company in advance are excluded.)

(3) Acts that violate or may violate the law

(4) The act of the user using the content obtained through this service outside the scope of private use

(5) The act of copying, selling, publishing, distributing, and publishing the content obtained through this service through other users or a third party other than other users, and similar to these. Act

(6) Upload content such as computer viruses, computer codes, files, programs, etc. designed to interfere with, destroy, or limit the functions of computer software, hardware, and communication equipment to this service. The act of sending by means such as e-mail

Article 19 Intellectual Property Rights

1. All intellectual property rights of the content provided through this service belong to us or a third party who has given us a license.

2. Regardless of the purpose, acts prohibited by domestic and foreign copyright laws and other laws such as unauthorized reproduction, reproduction, and other unauthorized secondary use of our contents have been discovered. In that case, we shall take legal action immediately.

3. If any dispute arises with a third party in violation of the provisions of this Article, the member shall, at its responsibility and expense, resolve the dispute and cause any damage, loss or non-compliance to the Company. It shall not give any profit.

Chapter 6 Service Operation

Article 20 Information management

1. We collect the following information regarding the user's access history in order to investigate the user's access history and usage status, or to improve the service to the user.

(1) Information about the IP address or mobile device identification number when the user accesses the server of this service

(2) Our company uses cookie technology (a technology that temporarily writes data to the user's computer through a web browser and records and saves the date and time when the user last visited the site, the number of visits to the site, etc. User access information obtained through)

2. The user acknowledges in advance that the use of this service may be restricted if the user makes settings for rejecting cookies with a web browser.

Article 21 Maintenance of this service

In order to keep the service in good working condition, in any of the following cases, we will temporarily provide all or one of the services without notifying the user in advance. The department can be stopped or stopped.

(1) Computer system for providing this service (hereinafter referred to as "system").) For regular maintenance and emergency maintenance

(2) When it becomes difficult to operate the system due to natural disasters such as fire, earthquake, flood, lightning strike, heavy snow, etc.

(3) When it becomes difficult to operate the system due to social unrest such as war, civil war, terrorism, riots, and riots

(4) When system operation becomes difficult due to system failure, unauthorized access from a third party, computer virus infection, etc.

(5) When requested by an administrative or judicial organ based on reasonable grounds

(6) When we determine that it is unavoidable to stop or stop the system

Article 22 Others

1. If a problem that cannot be solved by this agreement or our guidance and response arises regarding the use of this service, we and the user shall discuss in good faith and resolve it.

2. If a lawsuit is required regarding the use of this service, the Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive agreement jurisdictional court of the first instance.

Supplementary provision: This agreement shall be applied to all users from May 20, 2018.

Terms and all inquiries regarding this service are as follows.

Company Name

SWIPE Co., Ltd.


1-14-28 Minamihorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka Yamago Building Mezzanine Floor

Name of responsible person

Representative Director: Kim Ji Won

Telephone 050-3557-0882 Reception hours 12: 00-20: 00

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