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2127 Camo Camp Collar Shirt




M 총길 74 어깨 45 가슴둘레 111 소매 길이 27

L 총길 77 어깨 47 가슴둘레 115 소매 길이 28

XL 총길 78 어깨 50 가슴둘레 120 소매 길이 29()


DPM: ARVN XL Airborne Camouflage
This camp collar shirt features DPM: ARVN XL, a fantasy oversized version of the grailed Vietnamese camouflage.

The rare disruptive pattern worn by paratroopers of the Army of the Republic of Vietnam and then adopted by some of the US advisors to the ARVN. Their own US uniforms were re -made in the Vietnamese pattern in local factories or tailor shops - in part because this helped show some solidarity with the ARVN, and in part because of the popularity of the pattern itself during the 1960s.

Centre front button closure

Camp collar with button loop

Maharishi/camo reflective side seam label

1960's era US Army cotton poplin, reproduced exclusively for Maharishi. This lightweight cloth was introduced when the US were invited to advise in Vietnam, and required a lighter cloth suitable for tropical conditions.


2127 Camo Camp Collar Shirt